Digital chlorophyll collaborates with “Looks about Madrid”, an exhibition organized by the Foundation Down Madrid

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There are multiple ways of seeing and admiring Madrid, as people who live or come to this city to meet her. Art Down presents the exhibition "Looks about Madrid", an exhibition developed by top artists in which chlorophyll Digital works as a photo lab and artists with Down syndrome.

"Perspectives on Madrid" is an initiative in which artists with Down's syndrome and twelve architects and photographers from first level exposed his particular perception on several buildings and significant sites of the city. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful project that help to make visible a reality, that of the talents and abilities of people with Down syndrome.

He team of chlorophyll Digital has participated in this project with the production of the works of six artists: Felipe Scheffel, Fernando Manso, Genoveva Casanova, José Manuel Ballester, Monica Sanchez Robles, Ouka Leele and Rafael Vilallonga,.

Each an of the works of these artists has been produced following them more innovative techniques in printing digital. Noteworthy production system Vitra, a revolutionary method of high quality printing that ensures eternal longevity to any work. And it is that, it's a material fire retardant, waterproof, resistant to scratches and abrasion. Ideal for exhibitions like this one "Looks about Madrid".

Artists invited to this project is divided into several teams to show the city of Madrid from its more personal look:

Fernando Manso us shows his perception about the Museum archaeological in a work produced in paper cotton with inks of pigmentation natural.

-With Felipe Scheffel, approaching the Colón towers, photographs that have occurred in the exclusive high-gloss with special trim Vitra system from chlorophyll Digital.


-Rafael Vilallonga shows us a unique and different from the knot of Cibeles perception. Your project has been printed on Dibond with high quality inks UVI.

On the left, Rafael Vilallonga with our commercial Director, Laura Martínez. On the right, also next to Felipe Scheffel.

-Representing the PwC Tower you will find a series of photographs of Genoveva Casanova, which have also been produced at Vitra system of high brightness.

Ouka Leele exposes visitors to their perception of the Royal theatre and what's happening. All in a project with two different productions, in material Dibond with UVI inks and print on canvas scene.

On these lines, the artist Ouka Leele along with Laura Martinez.

-In the team in charge of representing the Botanical Garden we find Monica Sanchez Robles, whose photographs have been produced in Diasec.

-Renowned artist José Manuel Ballester, he shared team with Norman Foster, has been responsible for showing another of the everyday faces of any city, if by immortalizing Repsol service stations. All a work of direct print on Dibond die UVI.

After two months in the space CentroCentro of the Cibeles Palace in Madrid, "Looks about Madrid" comes to Seville. Today, January 26 at 13:00 hours, opens in the Foundation Valentín de Madariaga. Here it will remain until next March 15. Later will return again to Madrid, to the school official of Architects (COAM), where is held an auction charity to charge of the prestigious House of auction Sotheby's the 21 of March, day world of the syndrome of Down.

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