The immortality of the fine art in your work

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When you make a photograph, illustration or special playlist, you want to turn it into a print of the highest quality and that it persists in time.

The FineArt system achieves a unique photographic definition with soft gradients and rich in nuances, that is why this system is the favorite of photographers and artists.

Chlorophyll digital we go further to keep the entire chromatic range using Epson K3 and HP Vivera pigmented inks ultrachrome as well as top teams of Inkjet printing of high range (Epson Stylus Pro 11880 and 9900. HP Z3100 and Hp z6100) to ensure the best reproduction of the work.

This system allows to reproduce photographic works of art or digital images, with better color and resolution accuracy than other methods of printing. This technique FineArt consists in transmitting to the paper or canvas form microscopic pigment, thus gets great detail in the forms. Being able to reproduce a continuous tone as well as playing patterns and patterns with great definition.

Nadav Kander works printed in paper Rag Photographique.

The result are impressions of maximum quality and durability. With inks pigmented HP vivera and Epson K3 ultrachrome offer a stay of image over 100 years without causing significant alterations of color. Quality and eternity of this system has no comparison with traditional systems, so thousands of photographers and artists already use this technique to reproduce his work.

Select your role

Chlorophyll Digital have in stock a wide range of top brands and quality papers, if you don't know them stop by our showrooms in Madrid or Sevilla and we will advise you when choosing.

Photo papers

-RC photogloss Premium 270 g (with a maximum width of 150cm)
-RC Photosatin Premium 270 g (with a maximum width of 150cm)
-RC photolustre Premium 310 gr (with a maximum width of 150cm)
-RC double weight matte 185 gr (with a maximum width of 160cm)
-Metalic Pearl High Gloss 290 g (with a maximum width of 110cm)

Paper 100% cotton

-Rag 310 g (with a maximum width of 150cm) photographyque
-Edition Eting Rag 310 g (with a maximum width of 150cm)
-Aquarelle Rag 240 gr (with a maximum width of 110cm)
-Veling Musseum Rag 310 g (with a maximum width of 150cm)

-Torchon 280 g (with a maximum width of 110cm)
-Baryta FB 350 gr (with a maximum width of 150cm)
-FineArt Baryta 325 g (with a maximum width of 150cm)

Unmatched quality:

We provide solutions to all those who want to reproduce your photographic or artistic work with an exceptional definition and unmatched durability. Therefore, that digital chlorophyll is certified internationally by CANSON.

Nadav Kander works printed in paper Rag Photographique.

Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab:

It is the international certification which ensures a standard of "high quality" of the work done by the photographic laboratories, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the technical criteria in an audit carried out in each laboratory.

The advantages of certification:        

This certification qualifies the entire FineArt print with accredited printers and working with Canson paper. The objective of this program is to maintain excellence to help each artist to choose their Lab-quality printing.

It is time to print photographic quality and as you know chlorophyll Digital offers a wide variety of roles from leading brands, finishes Matt or gloss, supports natural 100% cotton, varied and textured papers.

You decide as to reproduce your work, only to find your favorite paper and chlorophyll Digital guarantees the success of the printing.

See the final result of the fine art at the Carlos Rodríguez exhibition "Silence and conclusion" that takes place in the Centre of art Tomás y Valiente Fuenlabrada during May 25 to June 13.

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