The photography as a weapon to fill us of self-esteem, in The Mamma Book

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Tony Luciani is an artist of 60 years of Italian origin, although based in Canada. Some years it cares for her 91-year-old mother. After break is it hip, this woman is felt unable to of worth is by itself same, hence his son decided to convert is in your caregiver full-time full. What probably none of those two knew is how the photography would intervene in their day to day.

After returning to meet and live together, happened to Tony Luciani go beyond basic care, undertaking an artistic adventure with her mother. All with the objective of return you them desire of live, of do you feel useful and reinforce their self-esteem. Starting from then, this woman is would turn in his muse and in the protagonist of a series of photographs, collected in the book The Mamma Book.


This project, surrealist dyes, is the most original and endearing. Shows us the mother of Tony Luciani in different scenarios and adopting different attitudes, some with a comic point and others as a pure connection with its history, with the passage of time. So, can see some portraits in which are overlapping your I current and the of times past.

Other photographs reflect the energy and zest for life of this woman, for example showing her skipping rope with two girls or giving the skate in a more urban environment.

Because if there is something that is follows of the work of photography of Tony Luciani is how the spirit young and the self-esteem always are there, waiting to be redescubiertos, to you is the wings to continue flying.

And you, tell us, how do feel photography?, what would you say to that it is its maximum value?, how do you think that it can help people?, and the photographer himself?


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