The miraculous VITRA system

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Artist and photographers are always looking for more quality, new media, sustainability, innovation… So far the photo have a finite capacity of life stands. Thanks to the work of research and chemical and technological advances, today we have almost eternal stands, allowing that a printed photograph can survive up to 200 years.

Chlorophyll Digital space, Arch 2016.

Little more than one year ago that we present the VITRA system in ARCO2016, their host by photographers and artists has been spectacular. The efforts invested in the research have rewarded this impressive printing system, VITRA system, which has been able to solve many of the problems that you enable print in more traditional stands, photo papers.

ARC 2017, author, José Manuel Ballester.

"Immortality", its main and most impressive feature is that this support seems indestructible, technology gives you the ability, which image do not scratch, do not discolor or that do not affect by the Sun or water. It is a material highly resistant, flame retardant, water repellent, with eternal Colorimetry. In addition, it is an easy system and how to carry since realized in aluminum of a millimeter, therefore, does not weigh and offers great possibilities for framing. To be able to work at VITRA only is needed, an original, either in digital triggering, in paper or in negative.

Vitra, author Abraham Calero system.

The VITRA system has revolutionized the world of artistic and photographic and undoubtedly has become the best friend of collectors and galleries since VITRA guarantees them the eternity of the work.

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